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Our Story

Billy and Caroline are the owners of Learning Cycle. We have been on an enlightening and inspiring journey with regards to the educational experience of our daughters.

We began with our girls in public school.  In elementry school we started to question how and what they were being taught and if they were truly learning all they could with a "canned one size fits all" model.   We have three girls with three different learning styles and personalities.  One solution had been on Caroline’s mind for quite some time.  Homeschooling.  She had always fought against this option whether because of her own fear, uncertainty, or lack of understanding of how to do it.
A friend guided Caroline in prayer.  Instead of trying to find her own way to fix the problem, she turned to scripture  (specifically Matt. 11:28 when broken over frustrations with "the system").  She approached Billy about homeschool.  He was not on board, but the more he learned about homeschooling in general the less apprehensive he became.  Soon, as the two of them worked together, he became excited about the possibility.
It was within a few years that Billy and Caroline would attend a church and hear the gospel for the first time through expository preaching and come to faith (Romans 10:17).  
Realizing if we didn't teach our girls to follow Christ, the world would teach them not to - we not only had peace about the "how to" homeschool but we also had new convictions for the "why".

We looked through books like Educating the Whole Hearted Child and viewed the documentary video "Indoctrination" (a very eye-opening regarding where we were in the modern school system).  These, and other resources (the most important being God's Word) only strengthened our determination to homeschool. 
The hardest part of the journey was to simply get started.  With so many resources, options and friends telling you what you should use in terms of curriculum, it can be very overwhelming.  But once we took that leap into homeschooling, we soon saw the beauty of it.  We did not know everything that we know now, but it was easy to see that homeschooling was actually possible for us!

Little did we know that God had more in store for us… pun intended.

Shortly after we decided to start homeschooling, Billy lost his job. It almost was a sense of relief as it was becoming more and more apparent that he was not doing what he truly wanted to do. He always wanted to own his own business and we saw this change as a great opportunity. After many prayers and asking God to put him on the right path, the idea for the store came to us. The more we talked and prayed about it, the more excited we became!
Learning Cycle opened in 2013.  We are continuing to homeschool our highschool girls and loving the journey.  We truly feel like this was a way God could use us as a ministry and we pray that He will work through us to help others on their journey. We believe that every child has their own learning style and therefore, different approaches and resources are necessary. With this passion, we strive to offer not only a broad selection of curriculum, learning aids, books and other materials, but also assistance to help families in choosing what is best for their children.

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